Segra ACMPR progresses to “Advanced Review” stage in cannabis tissue production

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Segra International Corp. announced that its application to Health Canada to produce medical cannabis has progressed to the “Advanced Review” stage. Health Canada thoroughly reviews all the information provided to test its validation at this stage. Once the review is completed, Segra International will move forward to the next stage of “Pre-License Inspection”, and then to “Final Licensing”.

The company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Segra Biogenisis Corporation, have cleared their Vancouver Island property to commence the facilities construction after completion of a geotechnical assessment. The proposed facility will include a dedicated cannabis tissue culture nursery, whereby the industrial production of pathogen-free, genetically identical, stable and robust plantlets will be sown. These plantlets will then be sold to licensed producers throughout Canada and the world.

“Segra plans to be a worldwide leader in cannabis tissue culture, starting with industrial-scale nurseries in both the Canadian and California markets,” said Todd McMurray, president and CEO of Segra International Corp. “This is a thrilling time, and we look forward to continuing to execute on our strategic plans.”

The licensed ACMPR facility will be constructed in a manner that can sustain the production of both immature and mature cannabis plants and tissue culture plantlets under pharmaceutical-like conditions. Segra’s tissue culture specialist has a proven track record in plant tissue culture, including cannabis, as well as designing and maintaining large industrial-scale nurseries. The company has high standards on clean, automated growing chambers for the cultivation of the plants and plantlets. This consistency of sanitation minimizes bio-contamination by using a cGMP/ISO-compliant facility to continually improve the process flow and ensure quality standards throughout production.

The cultivation of tissue culture is a process that involves exposing plant tissue to a specific regime of nutrients, hormones, and lights under sterile, in vitro conditions, to produce a gross amount of plants that are replicas of the mother plant. It is estimated that the current global market of tissue cultured products is several billion plants annually and the demand is increasing steadily

Vancouver Island’s geographical location provides an ideal low-cost location for both the cultivation and tissue culture nursery operations due to dry summers and mild winters. The company will be able to use the cultivation side of the facility to develop exclusive cannabis strains that will be for sale to licensed medical and recreational producers.

The current expansion is capable of being in exess of 200 acres, that will allow Segra future flexibility to increase production on a mass scale to meet market demands.

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