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SurveySpecialReportSpecial Report: Building a better life science and biotech industry in Canada (coming soon)

Biotechnology Focus readers put forth their Innovation Agenda priorities via our Hot Button Issue Survey summary.





Pages-from-Bio-AprilMay_reporSpecial Report: From Student to Bioscience Entrepreneur

Robert Merson highlights some of the factors that drive student scientists to cross over into the world of business, the tools that get them there, and which bioscience entrepreneurs and companies to watch going forward.





Outsourcing Report

Special Report: Is your outsourcing strategy sound?

Outsourcing, it’s more than a trend in biotech, it’s a means of survival.
In this special report, we ask three Canadian biotech C-level executives to weigh in on the keys to enjoying a successful relationship with their outsourcing partners,  some of the ins-and-outs so to speak, as well as why outsourcing is an integral piece to their collective business plans.

Participating in this special Q&A report are: RepliCel Life Sciences CEO and president Lee Buckler, Cynapsus Therapeutics CEO and president Anthony Giovinazzo, and Aquinox Pharmceaticals CEO and president David Main.


Special Report: Surveying the Biotechnological HR Landscape

First-of-its-kind employee survey of Canada’s biotechnology industry brings future of industry into focus

High speed photography is a challenge even for the most talented of photographers. This is because when things move fast they can be difficult to capture—even for a snapshot. Human Resource (HR) professionals in rapidly expanding industries, like the biotechnology and life science industries, face a similar problem. How can you capture and understand that which is constantly moving and changing? Read more



Clinical Trial LandscapeSpecial Report: The Clinical Trial Landscape in Canada

A special report on what’s going on in Canada as it relates to regulations and policies governing clinical trials, and how we as a nation stack up in the global competition for clinical trial investment.

Clinical Trials are a key aspect of health innovation, driving the translation of basic research to products on the market. The benefits of clinical trials for patients, institutions and economies are numerous, including better access to care and quality of life, increased knowledge and understanding of diseases, attraction of highly qualified clinicians, job creation and economic growth. Read More



Is Canadian Biotech coming back to life revisted…..

Tony Pullen’s long awaited follow up piece revisiting the question: Is Canada’s biotech sector showing new life  like  its U.S. counterparts? Or was last year’s promising market activity much ado about nothing? Read More








EPVantage-Pharma-Biotech-Review-2013-Cover1-231x300EP Vantage Report: Pharma and Biotech 2013 in Review

The cautious optimism of 2012 turned into a fully fledged biotech boom in 2013, marked by surging company valuations in the U.S. and the opening of the IPO floodgates. Read more of EP Vantage’s latest report “Pharma and Biotech 2013 in Review.” Read More







The Canadian Rare Disease Therapies Landscape

Orphan DrugsIn recent years, great strides in research have been achieved in the field of rare diseases in Canada and internationally. In particular, a number of Canadian biopharmaceutical companies and institutional researchers have developed drugs for rare diseases (DRDs) that are saving and improving patients’ lives. Many others are at the cutting edge of genetics research and personalized medicine, and are bringing forward the promise of life-saving medicines for Canadians impacted by rare disorders with no current therapies for their condition.

To read the full white paper, click here or visit








Prostate Cancer Canada

Courtesy of the CNW and Prostate Cancer Canada, this video features interviews with Rocco Rossi, CEO Prostate Cancer Canada; Dr. Robert Day, University of Sherbrooke; Dr. John Lewis, University of Alberta and various b roll including vibrant MRI images.
GreenCentre Canada: Changing chemistry can change the world

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