Creating a Canadian advantage in the bio-economy

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Collaboration from a group of national industry associations sees the formation of a new Bio-economy network (BEN). The associations are joining forces to find ways to take advantage of the global marketplace’s rising demand for bio-based products.

The announcement was made at the Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit taking place in Ottawa. BEN represents about 800 members companies that support more than two million jobs in areas such as the auto parts, biotech, chemical, agriculture and forest products industries. So far, nine industry associations have joined and other associations are invited to sign up as well to explore new business modes and partnerships across sectors.

“Canada has an abundance of renewable resources that can feed a wide range of bio-products” says Catherine Cobden, executive vice president of the Forest Products Association of Canada and the chair of BEN.  “Developing our bio-potential will help unleash our national resources potential to spur future economic growth and job creation in Canada.”

The new organization is calling on government to work with industry to take advantage of these opportunities. Areas for government-industry collaboration include the investment climate, the regulatory environment, innovation, and market diversification.  BEN will also work on collaborative partnerships and value added production.

“Some of key trading partners have already developed comprehensive bio-economy strategies and Canada must not be left behind,” says Scott Thurlow, president of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association.  “We would like to position Canada as a bio-investment destination and to take advantage of the staggering promise of the bio-economy.”

The members of BEN include:

•    Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association
•    BIOTECanada
•    Canadian Bioenergy Association (CanBio)
•    Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
•    Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
•    CropLife Canada
•    Forest Products Association of Canada
•    FPInnovations
•    Bioindustrial Innovation Canada /Sustainable Chemistry Alliance

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