Canada’s finalists set for the 2018 Sci Innovation Competition

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The Second China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition (2018 Sci Innovation Competition) announce the finalists and judges set to take place at MaRS Discovery District March 24th, 2018, for the Toronto division of this year’s competition. The Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations (CCSA) and the Sino-Canada International Innovation Centre narrowed the 208 submissions to just twenty of the most innovative and bright projects sweeping the area.

The 2018 Sci Innovation Competition, also known as the “Global Olympics of Innovation”, will feature projects from industries such as, IT Technology, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Electronic Science and Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, and Material and Energy.

The 20 finalists are:

  1. GoFind AI – Instant fashion discovery driven by a deep learning-trained machine that recognizes textures, colors, shapes, showcasing products to consumers who are under the spark of inspiration in real time.
  2. QsunSun Safety Solution – Sun safety wearable device and companion app that tracks sun exposure to protect the user’s skin from sun-induced skin damage while maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D.
  3. HiNT Wearable Device for Stroke Detection – First wearable point of care medical device that can detect and alert high-risk patients and their caregivers when a stroke occurs. The device is a comfortable wearable headband, based on Electroencephalography (EEG).
  4. AXIS Gear – Aggregates automotive maintenance data from OEMs, Tier1 Suppliers, Connected Vehicles and Dealerships to predict vehicle failures before they happen.
  5. Pitstop Predictive Maintenance – Intelligent robot systems that automates the process of charging, uncharging, monitoring of vehicles.
  6. AI-based Mobile Body Modeling & Measuring Solution – Measure and access accurate body shape and anthropometric data by taking two photos with the mobile app
  7. Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Robot System – Automate and motorize existing window shades in minutes with the control of the device itself, through the mobile app, or via voice control.
  8. MillimeterWave Radar Sensor – High-performance MMWRS based on ‘metasurface beamforming’ without the complexity and cost that we have seen in military-grade operations.
  9. A.L.L. (Advance Logic Library) Controller – The world’s most advanced USB gamepad. Unlike competing gamepads, the A.L.L. controller can play any game on any computer.
  10. QuantWave Technologies – Formed to pursue the growing food and drinking water safety market through the application of microfluidic technology integrated with microwave sensing system for the pressing needs of rapid detection device and services
  11. Nowing – Combining state of the art technology in computer vision, AI and robotics and applying them to traditional small businesses, NWR can dramatically increase production volume and efficiency while improving quality, making business ownership affordable and rewarding.
  12. Advanced Imaging for Minimally Invasive Procedures – Conavi Medical Inc. is a commercial-stage medical device company founded by Dr. Brian Courtney as well as a team of cardiologists, physicians and scientists to commercialize research in image guidance for minimally invasive procedures.
  13. Addon Labs – Use machines you already own (laptops, cell phones, tablets etc.) and smart materials to make Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) instantly.
  14. Sapling Robotics Beach Cleaning Rover – Autonomous, zero- emission, electric beach cleaning rover robotic system.
  15. Municipal Sludge Treatment in Small-Mid-Sized City – Project screened three sludge resource recovery technologies and improved them according to practice: vermicomposting, aerobic composting (organic fertilizer production), dry anaerobic digestion (biogas generation).
  16. Gas Hydrates Technology – Project uses gas hydrates technology to capture and recover carbon dioxide in the smoke produced in industrial production with low energy consumption and high efficiency and store it in a safe and long-term manner.
  17. Exoshield – A thin transparent film that augments the exterior surface of the windshield to increase its impact resistance by 6X.
  18. ForceFilm – Provides a virtual sense of touch in minimally invasive surgery to improve surgical precision and reduce medical error.
  19. Commercialization of DNA Ministrings Platform – a scalable approach to develop a novel DNA delivery vehicle, known as DNA ministrings. Patented DNA ministrings are the safest and most efficacious DNA vectors for nonviral gene delivery.
  20. Medella Health Biosensors – Biomarkers detectable sensors with a focus on metabolites, proteins, and toxins.

The finalists will pitch to an esteemed panel of judges that are renowned experts in the five core industries. Awards will be allocated to First, Second, and Third, and the top 10 projects will qualify for the “Industrial Finals” and “Grande Finals” of the Second China Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen, China in April of 2018.

The competition is sponsored globally by local governments in Toronto, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Tokyo, Boston, Tel Aviv, London, Stockholm and Berlin. The Sci Innovation Competition will offer increased prize awards totaling 2.09 million CDN (RMB 10.91 million). A venture capital pool of RMB 20.9 billion (4 billion CND) has also been set up by 34 investment institutions for all the nine divisions, which helps support outstanding projects.

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