051|Science minister sees biotech in forefront of Canada’s innovation push

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In this episode of the Biotechnology Focus Radio, we speak with Canada’s Science Minister Kirtsy Duncan. The minister shares her thoughts on the importance of biotechnology and the life sciences sectors, the review of Canada’s science strategy and the creation of new science chair positions.

There’s an ongoing reexamination of the funding ecosystem for science in Canada. Kirsty Duncan, the country’s science minister is now reviewing recommendations from a blue ribbon committee which recently finished pouring through 1,275 submissions from across the country.

“Previously our scientists have been muzzled,” Duncan told IT in Canada when we caught up with her recently at Mississauga Board of Trade where the city’s new life sciences-focused innovation strategy was discussed. “We need to shift things back towards fundamental science and evidence-based policy making.”

The rebalancing includes $2 billion in federal government funding towards research and innovation collaboration with the provinces, $454 million towards enhancing science-focused skills and the creation of biotech clusters.

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