0068| 2017 Bio Employee Survey – More takeaways for biotech firms

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In the previous episode of the Biotechnology Focus podcast, we heard from Dean Fulford, vice-president of Stratford Managers Corp. talk about the impact that a younger cohort of workers on the biotech industry.

We’re still on the topic of the 2017 Bio Employee Survey. In this podcast, Janet Le Clair, senior HR consultant for Stratford Managers, talks about further takeaways from the survey and how Canadian biotech companies can use the survey results to enhance their relationships with employees and further grow their businesses.

Listen to what Janet had to say…..


0067|2017 Bio Employee Survey – The millennials want to be heard

In this episode of the Biotechnology Podcast, Dean discusses some key points from the recently concluded 2017 Bio Employee Survey conducted by Biotechnology Focus, Stratford Managers, and BioTalent Canada.

Millennials are making their voices heard, and it will serve biotech companies to listen to their demands, according to Dean.


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